Creating Family Leaders

Empowering those having experiences with a loved ones marijuana use to advocate for healthy drug policies

Family-First. Science Based. Common Sense. Accountability.

When someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can be hard to know what to do or how to help.  Addiction is often called a “family disease” because those closest to the addicted person usually suffer the most.  This experience teaches us many things. 

We know our world is changing, but that doesn’t mean we need to live with the ill effects of a culture of readily available drugs.  We do not have to accept the desensitization to the harms of drugs with a growing popularity of mind-altering substances.

We have learned that today’s marijuana is not what most parents think it is.

We are a diverse group of parents and family members with one goal in common–to make sure our lived experiences don’t happen to others. 

Why We Are Here

The Parent Action Network was created with the belief that families have a lot to lose if decision-makers aren’t held accountable for making smart, science-based actions on the legalization of marijuana.

We believe that most people are naïve to the real harms of today’s marijuana. They are confused by the messaging that cannabis is a safe, medically-based product, that is harm-free for recreational use. The true reality is… Marijuana is more potent and harmful than ever before.

The public has been misled about the real mission of those who benefit from the addiction-for-profit strategy. The products that are manufactured have one goal: addiction. Even worse, it is youth who are at the highest risk for addiction. 

Through grassroots initiatives and the connection with stakeholders, Parent Action Network brings support, resources, and training opportunities to families. Together, we as leaders will create awareness of the dangers of marijuana and bring family, community, and group voices to policy makers and community decision-makers.

We make our voices heard at public forums, town halls, legislative hearings, and other events to impact policymakers to make good drug policy decisions that protect the health and well-being of our youth, families, and communities.

What We Do

Connect. Share. Inform. Empower. Lead.

The Real Stories of Marijuana Commercialization

Untold Stories of Devastation

Watch and learn about one mother’s heartache and the real stories behind marijuana’s harms. 


Jennifer’s Messengers

An Amazing and Accomplished Life… Cut Short

Jennifer’s Messengers is a project of Parent Action Network dedicated to alerting the nation to the dangers of driving while impaired by marijuana. PAN wants to use this campaign to awaken our country to the emerging threat of having more marijuana-impaired drivers on the road.  Surveys of marijuana users tell us that they have no qualms about getting behind the wheel high. A study by JAMA states that federal legalization would result in almost 7000 more stoned driving deaths nationally. Visit JM to learn more about the dangers of driving while impaired by marijuana.

Providing education and facts to the public with regards to the
misnomers, hazards and unsafe use of medical and recreational marijuana.

“I tell my story, so others won’t have to.” -Corinne LaMarca (Jennifer’s Mom)

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