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SAM’s Parent Action Network provides a supportive environment and information to everyone and anyone who needs it. 

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Anyone looking for support, education, information and advocacy opportunities related to the dangers and impact of impaired driving, crashes caused by impaired driving or the loss of a loved one due to impaired driving can be supported by our program, Jennifer’s Messengers

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Materials for Your Use - Feel Free to Print and Share!

Parent Action Network
Summary of the support, education and advocacy for creating family leaders in drug policy.
Tips for Parents
Understanding teen drug use, how to identify and what parents can do.
Jennifer’s Messengers Tri-fold

Sounding the alarms about marijuana impaired driving, learn about Jennifer’s story and the impact of increased awareness of impaired driving.

5 things about Marijuana

Infographic with the top 5 things everyone should be informed of when making decisions about marijuana policy.

Marijuana Effects on the Body

An informative infographic summarizing the key effects marijuana has on a young person’s organs and systems.

Smart Approaches to Marijuana Talking Points

Great points to remember when talking about marijuana, easy to use descriptions of key issues.

Delta 8

Everything you need to know about Delta-8 and the dangers it brings.


Marijuana Science

Go to SAM's Toolkit for myriad one-pagers on various aspects of marijuana harms.

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Local Resource Center

There is a lot you can do on the local level to stop the influx of marijuana stores.

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The Latest News

Read about the latest in marijuana news.

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Parent Action Network proudly promotes and supports the following initiatives:

Impaired Driving

Jennifer's Messengers

Jennifer’s Messengers is a DUID driving awareness campaign to elevate our understanding of driving while under the influence of marijuana.

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Parents Opposed to Pot

Parents Opposed to Pot came together in 2014 to offset the hype promoting marijuana and present a more realistic message exposing the harms of this drug.

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Family Peer Support

Every Brain Matters

Every Brain Matters is a community of support, advocacy, and science. Join us, and learn more.

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